With A Painting

Deep eyes for whom are you waiting? You look like a forgotten painting hanging high on a wall of an old chalet. I wish to talk to you…come alive; the mortal world needs a touch of your beauty. Just for a few minutes or even a second will do…come alive. A blink of your eyes might melt million hearts; your smile could dance in the darkness and glow. Lost in the hazy splendour, talk to us once or make a gesture. Hypnotising colours that you are adorned with has the power of bringing serenity. Share some with me; one shade of it in my life and I’ll be seen flying without wings.

Surely you are waiting for someone but what is the pleasure in it? A beloved resides in your mind or a question? The elegance in you speaks for you. It says you know the answer and that you are just playing life.

Are you happy to be a pretty curse? I dreamt you are. Clever!

I am taking you in my eyes as much as it sees, in my mind as much as it knows and in my heart as much as it feels. You have made house in many souls and though you go on living many lives, you know that your wait isn’t over. You know peace but you are waiting for it to complete.