Maybe I Will

It was raining beautifully, sounding like a melodious song. I had to rub the windowpane to see outside; first a smiley face and then a big wipe. I could see the trees nearby and the wet track till the fog allowed me. I noticed that the grass was looking greener and happier; welcoming the rain by spreading everywhere and in every direction. The dominant colours outside were wet green, wet white and a subtle mass of wet darkness. Inside it was dim yellow but the darkness was same rather more polished than outside. I ignored it.

The rainwater was dripping through the leaves making them bend downwards. I thought of going outside to collect the dripping water in my palms…I like doing so. But maybe I’ll go when the rain stops or when it’s drizzling or then when I’ll go to open the gate. Maybe I’ll not go at all. It’s wet and slippery and I don’t want to get dirty.

It was raining heavily yesterday and day before yesterday also. I don’t keep record but it was raining. The days that have passed don’t look any different from today. I am the same me and so is the rain. Maybe I’ll change with the weather. Maybe I’ll be rewarded for waiting so long. Maybe I’ll not regret but accept. Maybe I’ll open the gate and step out.