My Words Are Happy

I enjoy my handwriting these days. A rough, crude yet in a smooth flow is what I can term this style of handwriting. Each alphabet and each word appear to be living to the fullest. The Is and the Es gleefully try to tell me a funny story but cannot stop beaming. And all the Ts look so tranquil as if they know everything. The Ws and Bs are acting fancy for some reason, they happen to be doing the twist. The Hs don’t seem to be any different, they look just as happy as they always did to me. In fact, every word gives an impression of being happy with itself.
I am not reflecting on the fact that whether my words are happy every time I write or not, because I am simply very glad that it did happen. Quantity doesn’t matter, quality does. It has also got something to do with the writer’s relationship with her words, her style of handwriting, her ideas, her life. Every little moment of connection is worth cherishing. And why not, when we all give so much attention to the little things that irk us, little things that make us smile should be acknowledged.
Pour down your thoughts and then read them, you will get an answer. Yes, that too without knowing the question.