The Freedom to Have Freedom

Who has the power to oppose freedom? Is there a need to curb freedom? Do we all really understand the meaning of freedom?
The dictionary explains the word freedom beautifully and very clearly; it says freedom is the right to live in the way you want, say what you think, and make your own decisions without being controlled by anyone else. It is so amazingly apt that the word ‘right’ is used in the definition of freedom. The Right to Freedom!
But because of some terribly silly causes we are still devoid of freedom, freedom in the truest sense. Layers and layers of senseless questions, which at times have proved to be highly sensitive and superbly great ones, have given birth to a confusing labyrinth whose starting point and finishing point is the same.
The rise and the fall of epic revolutions all over the world, the deadly wars fought loudly with a bang and quietly with the money, capitalism, fascism, liberalism and the rest of the -isms, socialists, communists, anarchists and all the other –ists, democrats, monarchs, elites and the general public in question, knows it very clearly (especially when things come to a sudden halt [usually after a huge fight]) that all of it is a big mess.
Haven’t you heard of this show – A Big Mess; The Puppeteer – few rich blokes and the Puppets – rest of us? It was made into a film a long time back and strangely, it is still running successfully.
Fortunately, there are many individuals all around the world who get a chance to know freedom, but unfortunately they still have to face the above mentioned confusing labyrinth. Nevertheless, such people, knowingly and in a simple way, bring a change… they keep walking silently.
Nothing ties them because they know how to break the shackles, nothing makes them weak because they have the power of reason and nothing confuses them because they practice freedom.
Every question fails to exist in front of the power of freedom. Whether the exuberance is limited or is for an entire lifetime, the free soul soars high.
A happy fact is also associated with freedom and it is that of equality. Freedom is meant for all, without any discrimination, without any prejudice it stands boldly, waiting for every single hand to reach it with a free mind.