The Random Way

‘Man with a Hod’ by Jean Dubuffet 
I was walking and talking
To myself without any help
A window creaked and my shadow squeaked
My legs wobbled
And my hat toppled
And fell in front of a sly cat
Who chuckled and bluntly ignored a fat rat
Baffled I stepped in a puddle
Crackled I bumped into a fiery hurdle
A cartwheel blazing madly
Was coming my way sadly
Like a grasshopper I jumped and hugged a lamppost
‘Well done’, shouted a chap, the other raised a toast
Another clapped my back and left, laughing, ‘ha-ha’
Smiling I walked ahead, singing, ‘la-la’
What a day, collected so many laughs on the way
I was foolishly wrong, I got to know finally
A grand sticker on my jacketed back shouted loudly
“I am a buffoon, I declare it proudly”
Oh! Those damn mad, mad damn chaps
Is it their fault or mine? Or the choice I made that day
And unknowingly turned to the random way