Nazo’s Simple Magic Trick

Nazo believed in magic. While the stories about djinns and fairies and magic potions made her wonder, the everyday sundry experiences also left her mesmerized. She was a simple person who felt special about simple things like the sun peeping out from behind the dark rainy clouds.

I told her once a sad story, intentionally, I wanted her to cry. It was a made-up tale about a little dog that lost his way home and died of starvation. Before I could make it sound more pathetic, I saw tears in Nazo’s eyes. Mission accomplished, thought I, until Nazo did something magical.

She asked me about the dog and I fabricated the cute brown dog, with black ears and kohl eyes. Suddenly, Nazo jumped up and started to clap. She told me to follow her and we both ran down to old Mr. Tolkien’s house. What I saw there was as mysterious and as astonishing as a miracle. Nazo went ahead right into Mr. Tolkien’s garden and brought a cute brown dog in her arms, it had black coloured ears and kohl eyes. She announced that Mr. Tolkien found the starved dog yesterday near the abandoned park and brought him home.

While coming back, I, filled with a concoction of emotions (specifically foolishness), told Nazo the truth; that it was a fake story and meant only to make her cry because her utter belief in magic in life suffocated me. Nazo laughed at me and didn’t say a word. She then hugged me, if I remember correctly.

After a few days Nazo gave me a card (she loved making cards), a lovely one with colourful flowers and bright butterflies. She had written a few lines inside, apart from wishing me a happy day, that I can never forget, and I quote, “Magic is real for me, maybe because I try to see things from earth’s point of view – a beautiful blue green lonely planet – something magical is happening for sure”.

I too believe in magic now.