Illimitable Splendour

A joy so complete without any rise or fall, so free without any time corners, so real without true being false, false being true.
Witnessing the colours dance by, I swayed along to see I am nowhere around.
Light’s brightness pierced through and through with love and warmth, permeating the space and beyond. Embracing it, I started to radiate but didn’t see myself around.
The whole enchilada gathered momentum, passing and reaching the whole enchilada.
I gazed and found the beginning and the destination to be the same, but I didn’t reveal it for I was happy and still, not present there.
Rhythm flowed through the grand wadis, deeply and rapidly it flowed to form a vortex. Whirling merrily in rhythm I followed without any wish for more or less, when I realised I am missing.
The sea of quietness fulfilled itself and the sound of stars falling enhanced it beautifully. I saw it in double wonderment because it was sublime and my presence there was a lie.
If not the gust of wind, what was so strong there, if not the heat of fire, what then burned majestically there, if not the heavens of this, that and all the worlds, what made it truly blissful there?
I do not know the answer, for I was undeniably not there.
I could never reach there, no ‘I’ ever did. One with the One, alive and in absolute existence, surpassing the limitations, one in Union is the one with the answer.
And once you get the answer you choose to forget it right before entering the door to illimitable splendour.

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