Cid Corman’s Blue Aerogrammes

In a thin air-light piece of blue paper words were written, no space wasted, legibly shinning, beautifully written. It was for everyone, Cid Corman called it direct poetry.


If these words
dont remember you—
forget them.
The leaf at last gets
the drift of wind and so
settles for the ground.
I wear the mask of
myself and very nearly
get away with it.
There is no end and
never was a beginning – so
here we are – amidst.
Rain-drops. Each
makes a point
of silence.
You are here – just as
I had imagined –
imagining me.
Nothing ends with you —
every leaf on the ground
remembers the root.
We wear out
but the sky
looks as new
as ever

She keeps coming home
to me – of all things – and I
remain home for her.

Cid Corman wrote for and ran the magazine Origin. He followed a lovely rule, he replied to each and every letter that the magazine received within 24 hours, if he couldn’t, he didn’t do it at all. Lucky must be the ones who got his answer, that too in the form of direct poetry. The book, Famous Blue Aerogrammes, is about these replies. I have just read a few of these and still I can say that the magic continues… blue feathery magic that makes you smile.