Ode to the Book – Easy SODOKU Puzzles

There is a book and it goes by the name
Easy SODUKU Puzzles, it’s part of a series –
Medium SODOKU Puzzles, Hard SODOKU Puzzles
All I can say is don’t buy the Easy ones
The reason is damn straightforward
Easy ones are way too easy and damn
Full of mistakes and it begins from the
Very first page. It makes you feel stingy.
Instead of creative juices flowing in your brain
You fall asleep on the book and drool all over it
The book then sits eating dust and you forget it
Completely. And when you look at it, you start crying.
Friends might mock you for buying the book -Easy SODOKU Puzzles
They will crush your feelings and not understand
Some will even question you as an individual
Forget them, forgive yourself and solve the puzzles nevertheless
Or you can write a blog about it and kill the readers