Only a few arrive at nothing, because the way is long – Antonio Porchia

To keep walking is hard. Repeatedly dying on the way is a normal occurrence, but not less significant.

What breaks the heart often is not the crude world or a passer-by, but the heart itself. It allows itself to be crushed. And as funny as it may sound, the truth doesn’t change that the heart also heals itself.

Let us keep aside the magical part for it blindfolds the ones with sightless minds and talk about reason and logic. Oh! But that is already done – heart breaks itself and heals itself… very straightforward indeed. Brain, heart, brain, heart… and this is the journey.

Carrying on kills, but so does not-carrying on; carrying on also gives you a chance to live and to experience the universe. It is a long, long, long journey and then you reach nothing.

At nothing, you become everything.