A Voice That Is Silenced Is Not Dead

You shot her and now hiding in your dingy room, scared in your dingy little heart, you fake a loud laugh. Pathetic! You, who have sold your soul in exchange for a new house, new car, new phone or possibly for a position, will suffer… and there won’t be an end to it.

But less about the hypnotised, dizzied and lost ones and more about the majority, observing and quiet ones… the ones who look, often address, but slowly learn to ignore. It must be due to some personal tragedies that they choose to stay silent. Sad, yes it is. But then such a lot forms the majority, yes they do. The majority if stands together will become a nightmare for the old selfish rich rulers.

The majority will definitely unite because there are great leaders who are already working for this, the great leaders who won’t ever fall, the great leaders who will always be heard by millions, even if their voices are silenced, their words will live forever… and so will they.