Ellinikí Glóssa

A crumpled piece of paper, resting in an old library book, smoothed with time.

Intrigued by it, Bakul quickly rushed to a corner. She read the words loud and clear ‘Ellinikí Glóssa’. Unsure of what it means, she fabricated a story– it is a secret message meant for someone. Yes! Beaming like a sunflower beams on seeing the sun, Bakul crossed the corridor, then the stairs. Students saw her and thought, ‘ye to gayi firse’ (she has lost it again).

Bakul looked at you, yes you, the reader and said with dreamy eyes and a wide smile – Let us find out what the secret message is.

A turn and Bakul bumped into her teacher. “Sorry Sir”, “Bakul what’s in your hand, what are you up to this time?”, “Sir Rekha Ma’am is looking for you”, “Quiet Bakul, show me… eh… Ellinikí Glóssa… so now you’re interested in Greek language, hm?”, “Sirrrrr… this is in Greek?”, “Don’t waste your time and submit your assignment by Monday, okay?”

Bakul nodded. Sir turned to leave, but stopped, “Where did you say Rekha Ma’am is… in the staff room?” “Ha-ha-ha”, “Bakul, wait, you silly girl.”

She looked again at you, yes you, the reader, and said with starry and mischievous eyes– Am I interested in Greek Language? She winked at you.

Well, sooner or later she will know the answer to this question.

“Peace out!”