In Slo-mo Towards the Moon

Walking towards the moon
In slo-mo and riding
Hiding behind a tide of thoughts
In slo-mo, unaware, unconcerned
About the change that is happening
In slo-mo, now and always
Carrying in bits the old me, turning
In slo-mo, hoping to see
Something better. Living the life
In slo-mo and looking into the future
Where things are picture-perfect, but moving
In slo-mo. Cracks in the present
For it isn’t that dear, until
In slo-mo I sit with patience and
Breathe, see, feel and realise
That everything is beautiful
That our mind knows the tricks
That reality simply is, just like the moon
Towards which I am walking
In slo-mo, beaming quietly. 

(Photo courtesy – Google)