Darling I am waiting at the Bosco Lane

The tavern was jam packed now and empty then, all too quickly for Rudolph to see the difference. He forgot if someone was waiting for him at home, if there was a home. A lane, called the Bosco Lane, troubled him a lot for he wanted to reach there, but failed to even stand up straight. Songs, laughter, shouts and madness carried on forever, when someone informed Rudolph about his old horse.
“To the Bosco Lane, charge, charge you old rat”, said Rudolph to the men who grabbed him and took him outside. The old horse was neighing and not enjoying the noise around him, he did not look happy. After tumbling thrice, Rudolph managed to grab the bridle, but failed to calm the horse.
What joy this sight brought to one and all present there. Passersby slowed down to take up notes and frown and shake their heads in disgust. Musicians added drama to the scene and Roxie started to dance.
Rudolph, suddenly feeling exhilarated, announced that he will charge towards the Bosco Lane and the crowd clapped, no one knew why.
Holding the bridle once again, he tried to climb the old horse and did so only after several attempts. The show was over and the crowd cheered and clapped when the old horse neighed loudly and threw Rudolph off its back. The amazed public started laughing seeing Rudolph lying flat on the muddy road and the old horse charging away, probably to the Bosco Lane.