The Wall

I cannot find my spectacles and I cannot see what lies ahead. Maybe I just don’t want to.

But I know this much that the wall in front of me is laughing at me. Oh! I know this much, I can hear it laugh, point finger, glare and burn; gnawing questions and harrowing answers and more burst out from this wall only and only to crush me, inching slowly to get my heart.

The wall purposely fooled me or so I would like to believe and having done so I refuse to accept or arrange for any attempts of reconciliation. Life is a mess and I refuse to look at it.

Oh well, oh hell with it all. I am not afraid of a wall. The unmoving structure knows not who I am. Huh! I have hammered several nails into this wall before and I can do so now.

But let me first find my spectacles and see what lies ahead. Maybe it is time I should.

Listen to your heart – Banksy

Photo credit – Banksy the Bindaas!