In Diu, Gujarat. Photograph by M. Dhar

Greetings! I am Jagriti Thakur Rumi. A happy storyteller, writing at my own pace, matching the world’s now and then, collecting enough stories to live by, stories that I share here on Chiming Stories.

I will explore here the timeless art of storytelling, voyaging across diverse mediums starting from paintings to drama to poetry to fiction to philosophy to photographs to comics to music to cinema to every little form that tells a story, presenting you with a piece of the grand jigsaw puzzle called life. 

Read what I wish to tell you about “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” and then chime along, if you please, for I have written an Ode to the Elements .

Playing the tunes of Kora and Kankles I say farewell, wishing that Lord Jagannath blesses you with inner peace.

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