Jagriti Rumi

A Peek Inside

She is sitting in the sun. Winter times…and you love the golden warmth. Birds are dancing all around, from one tree to another. Fallen dry leaves somehow create music, to which her attention is caught. She enjoys the nature.
A bird flies near her and sits. She tells her about the music, the colour, the magic, the wind, the shine, the fragrance, all about the nature. Bird smiles to sing her the endless saga of nature.
                                        ” Rich green leaves
                                          Happy fresh air
                                          Sounds you hear
                                          Pure magic so near…
                                          …It’s earth my dear.”
Girl lost in these words open her eyes to see the bird fly away.
Happiness enters her, she feels the earth. She laughs and laughs. Her head enters a whirlpool.
She lies down and touches the sky.
She started crying and fell asleep. She had a dream. She saw a golden light turning red and then golden again. She saw purity, smoothness. She saw a feeling dancing madly. She saw innocence. She felt water all around. She saw a hand and she woke up.

Happy Just To Be!

Is it right to be wrong at times and is it wrong to be wrong every time?

If we know everything then why do we crave some things?

Why do we feel bad when someone is negative about us? Why don’t we remember to forgive others?

This is the heaven God created for us and asked us to relish the beauties…. I would love to live it fully, only if I can remember this always…

If I can value that I am not alone… God is in everything around me…

If I can live happily and spread happiness… if I can truly know myself only to know the almighty, God, more…

Happy just to be!

Colourful happy life!
Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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Shy Mind

Shy mind.

It is all in the mind. It has all the answers. The mind knows the reason behind every silent smile and every moist laugh. It is familiar with the ‘why’ for sadness, ‘what’ for happiness, ‘how’ for a cry and ‘when’ for a giggle- mind knows all these secrets.

But it doesn’t believe in outpouring the magical flavour. The mind is not a show-off, it is just shy.