And Fight

Bloody battlefields and
Dead mechanical hands
Spooky confused eyes
Looking up at the skies
Dark, darker, darkest
The cloud that was the closest
Or was it the smoke
Lurking to choke
All of us
All of us
But when in the centre
People chasing a venture
To protect and run
Till someone has won
If not holding the flambeau
You will file in a row
And when you see the enemy
You will be the first in many
Just like me, to shoot down
The enemy’s plane
And fight
And fight

The Circle

Peace within.
Image – Pixabay.

We need to listen. We need to understand.  

Calm yourself, close your eyes. Meditate. A vibration hits you. A circle is formed and your closed eyes can see it; luminous circle at the centre, full of life.

Don’t allow your mind to trick you and take you on a sensuous ride. Be wholly in that centre. Feel it.

Realise it and you’ll come to know the vastness of the universe, the music that the silence plays and the serenity present in every colour.

This experience will make you sublime.

You’ll then have a bit of universe, a bit of silent music and a bit of every colour in you.  

At peace, you’ll make peace.  


Meditation is one of the greatest arts in life – perhaps the greatest, and one cannot possibly learn it from anybody, that is the beauty of it.

It has no technique and therefore, no authority.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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