Fresh Rhythms

Fading away, parting as tears fall with a fear that there is no return, it starts to brighten up and slowly gets closer with a pure hope that the present will always be magical.

When only she rises and turns, she feels the fresh rhythms, standing firmly, breathing deeply, she walks ahead, a half smile looking good on her face. Cheers!

Life-Affirming Pair of Socks with Three Holes in It

Eddy told me, spiritedly, after watching a documentary on how the cells function in our body, that he has found his long lost faith in life.

I could sense his words were imbued with this newly found faith.

Great, I thought. Just then he saw my socks and before I could utter a single word to appreciate his metamorphosis, he politely questioned and shockingly answered, “three holes in each of your socks?!”  

Eddy went back to his room; I wonder how many months will he take this time to recuperate fully.  

Anyway, so I checked my socks and somehow the holes in it made me believe that if this can work, anything can.  

Dears, today I am working with this positivity in life. Thanks to the socks with three holes in it.  

Who, Eddy? Oh! No, he is still in the room. But that’s life.


Only one hole, not my pair of socks. 🙂 Image – Pixabay.

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