Follow The Light

After succumbing to the darkness I sat there quietly for ages. Did the wind play with the kite? Did the dew drop decorate the petals? I saw nothing, I stared at nothing, it was all dark. But I did hear them mocking, complaining, exclaiming, demanding. I said nothing, my voice had become dark too.
Then from nowhere a light emerged, glowing softly, fading now and then, but never dying completely. I remembered then that I can stand up, I realised then that I can walk ahead, I felt then that I am still alive. And I walked towards the light. I could see then, in the light, how dark it was.
I followed and I am still following the light.

In The Darkness Full Of Little Lights

In the darkness full of little lights there glowed a sphere. It was marvellous and so bright. Different colours danced in it; blue and white, green and brown, pink and orange and red, along with a subtle sublime shine. Calm and beautiful! The sphere was hypnotising by nature. You could stare for endless time without getting tired. Energy vibrated through the sphere. Everything seemed to be quiet and motionless though the sphere was alive.


What a terrifying site! Umpteenth arms that originated form the sphere were destroying the sphere. You couldn’t see much; the blazing golden colour that covered half of the sphere split the eyes and reached for the soul. There was sound too. A deafening, screeching, horrifying sound. It vibrated madly. It looked as if some part of the sphere tried to be all of it.


The darkness silently engulfs. Always!