Endless Journey

Loitering Mind

Notorious mind to THE MIND.
[Image by IRINA from Pixabay]

Minding the mind

It is kind of, sort of looking amazed and all it has done is talking… talking to itself. If thoughts wear colours then this mind is making rainbows after rainbows.

Mind’s petty issues

Whether a smoothie is meant to be always cold? If instead of right we had turned round and round? Why am I scared to say, ‘I said so’?

Mind’s grand tales

Oh, endless journey don’t you end… don’t you end before I set the hat right and check the change within and without with a smile. Don’t you end or change or stop or move or be false. Be happy.

Mind, when at peace

Waves, lights, colours ocean up and down for seconds, until the old stories return. Back and forth between peace and everything else.

Mind talks

And with enough repetitions dear mind, one is ought to remember it all.

Mind makes

The one standing under the shed, waiting or not waiting, unsure whether to wear the spectacles or not, is being made and unmade at that very moment.

Loitering mind

It rests quietly when one sleeps, but only to run wild and free in the dreams.

Sooner or later usher the mind beyond what it tells. Then have a laugh. A real laugh.

Vision science.
[Painting titled ‘What and Where’ by – Greg Dunn]

This painting was commissioned by The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition to commemorate Carnegie Award recipient Dr. Leslie Ungerleider’s substantial contribution to the field of vision science.  Her work in delineating the dorsal and ventral visual processing pathways led to the discovery that the ventral pathway predominantly processes information related to how we recognize objects (what), whereas the dorsal pathway interprets how objects are related to one another in space (where).  The painting is designed to reflect this dichotomy in its layout and conceptual content.

Greg Dunn

Find out more here – What and Where by Greg Dunn.

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