Fading Away

Fading Away

Well, I am fading away. Fading away like a thought. A thought that talks about the autumn season. The autumn season that holds a symphony. A symphony always makes you want to dance, slowly, swaying like a falling leaf.
I was walking alone on the footpath, with the umbrella in one hand and a crumpled letter in another. Two tiny cuckoos chirped and flew away, making me look up. The hazy autumn sky blushed and I stopped, I stopped to read the letter once again, but could not read the faded words any more.
A gush of wind took away that letter from me and the dancing, swaying leaves made me swirl. It was a wonderful tune, the autumn season special.
Well, I am fading away. Fading away like a thought.

Fresh Rhythms

Flash Fiction
Rhythmically attuned to life.
[Source – Pixabay]

Fading away, parting as tears fall with a fear that there is no return, it starts to brighten up and slowly gets closer to a pure hope that the present will always be magical.

Only when she rises and turns, she feels the fresh rhythms, standing firmly, breathing deeply, she walks ahead, a half smile looking good on her face.


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