Frustrated Lover

Love Letter

[Source – Pixabay]


In a letter I wrote

Words of doubt and fear,

The cursed ink smeared,

‘To hell with you’, I quote

A frustrated lover.


A fresh parchment smiled

As I thought of words,

‘For you, I will fight the world’,

Only if this damned quill worked

In the hands of a frustrated lover.


Your eyes are my light,

Life looks oh-so bright,

‘My love, you’re… Fire! fire!’,

Candle burnt the parchment and the desire

Of a frustrated lover.


Let me see what stops me now

My dear, I take a vow,

‘I will finish writing this letter…

After a power nap’, dear-O-dear,

Said a frustrated lover.


Master’s still asleep, I, his pet gerbil, will finish this love letter now.

[Source – Pixabay]

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