Golden Light

The Source

Short Commentary
The diya flickers gently.
[Image from Pixabay]


Listen to this wonderful track by Pandit Jasraj and read along.



Transported to the past, a pinch of time plucked, rubbed, glided from vilambit (slow), madhya (medium), to drut (fast) tempo, casting a spell to unite.

The golden light smeared the pillars, the roof, escaping through the hall, smudging the dusk too… or was it dawn?

A small earthen diya (lamp) lit the space wholly, for so long, and though the last one to enter the hall, standing near the pillar, you feel the warmth.

No one moves, as if they are painted and fixed, but you do to see the diya from nearby, you ask it something, it flickers gently, and you realise it is the music that is its source.

The beats slowly embrace you.

Suddenly, in the end, before transporting back, you find yourself dancing, joyfully.


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In This Second

Golden Leaves Art. Painting by Jose Tonito 

In this second when I think about the bluish green, maroon flower and the wavy lines, I am reminded of the golden thought full of bright light and a rush of sparkling trail which, if I follow, and I do follow, I reach a melodious moment, it is certainly true as I feel its charm and floating I land back, touching the soil I understand my presence and the leaves sing together a hymn of the past, I smile and feast on the warmth of this meaningless meaningful journey that quietly adores the skylark’s secret and freely shines, glad to be and not be, everything merging in this second.


Can it be that I reach there
Where the golden light changes into golden colour
And bold red and deep orange strokes
All over the night of violet stars
Hum together a silent melody
Where I breathe cool wet air
And dance dance dance
Then I dip my hand in the sky
And a pink sparkle snake
Shines and merges with the violet stars
Where it is quietly blue and silver
Where the golden light changes into golden colour
Can it be that I reach there?