Behind All That Twinkling


This is a story of the Star People who lived far away on a beautiful star named Blue Blink. There is a reason why it was called so. The land of that place flashed a blue light since time immemorial. The Star People acquired energy from this radiant land and it supported everyone’s life. It was a very happy place, as all the Star People were satisfied with their lives. There was only one law in that place and that was the Law of Sharing. It was a rule, more of a habit, for the Star People to share their things, their feelings, and their lives with each person on the Blue Blink Star. Everyone knew everyone.

They worked and ate together, studied and played together, all the buildings were connected and so they also shared their houses. They knew nothing about anger, greed or ego. Though they understood death, they never shed a tear while biding goodbye to their fellow Star Mates, as they believed that their late friend would merge with the radiant land of the Blue Blink and still remain in touch with them. One who died on the Blue Blink Star was never forgotten; they celebrated a day, each week, in remembrance and in dedication to the dead ones. One could always hear songs and laughter from the Blue Blink Star as every animate and inanimate part of it enjoyed themselves and danced in the spirit of love and sharing.

One day a child refused to share his book with his friend on the Blue Blink Star. How could this happen? It was a bizarre act and the child’s parents didn’t know what to do. There were many books on the Blue Blink Star but each had only one copy, as people always shared it and mostly read it together. Soon the news spread everywhere that on the land of Blue Blink Star a child had refused to obey the law. It gave birth to a monstrous wave and everyone started disobeying the law. No governments or rulers ran that place. The administration was run by handful of volunteers, but things got imbalanced then. The Star People for the first time in their history came across the feeling called ego. Wherever the wave reached, that place lost its radiant blue light. A catastrophe had hit the happy people of Blue Blink.

There lived a Monk on Blue Blink Star. Everyone called him the Quiet Monk, as he never spoke to anyone but only meditated on a spot. Still he obeyed the Law of Sharing as the place where he sat was the most radiant on the Star. People weak or sick took energy from that spot and thus he helped others in this unique way. He had never opened his eyes, he simply sat and meditated and smiled. Now his spot was the only place which was left with any radiance on the Star, the only energy source. When all the Star People gathered around him, he opened his eyes and stood up. Everyone was shocked as the Quiet Monk spoke for the first time. He said, ‘I would like to meet the child who refused to share.’ His harmless and rather sweet piercing voice was heard by all, even who stood at the very end. The child came forward, he didn’t look afraid but his parents were, because ego gave birth to such feelings like fear.

The Quiet Monk asked him, ‘Is the story very interesting?’ All including the child were clueless for a minute and then the child replied with an exciting smile, ‘Yes! Very interesting! Do you know when the superhero enters with a bang…’ and saying this much the child went silent as everyone around him were looking at him blankly. ‘No…I don’t know how interesting it is, and neither I nor anyone, including your friends, will ever know how good the book is. And you will also not enjoy the book to the fullest because you can’t talk about it with anyone for no one would know what you are talking about’, said the Quiet Monk. The child was quiet like all the Star People. The child, looking down, then said, ‘I… didn’t know so…’

The Quiet Monk smiled when the child said so. Then he spoke, ‘Everyone, please listen to what I have to say. The Law of Sharing is the greatest law in the Universe, sharing means increasing of whatever you have; as you followed it till now you faced no problem, every individual shared everything with the other including himself, this pure and selfless act made you closer to the radiant land of our Star, you all took energy easily from it and used it for the good of all. As and when you stopped, the pure and selfless connection was lost.’ The Star People were speechless after hearing this.

Before they could say anything, the Quiet Monk added, ‘Life is lived to the fullest if lived for others. It is only the Law of Sharing which promises true happiness. If the feeling of sharing dies, life loses its most essential flavour and becomes bland.’ A realization had struck all, the child was sorry as were the rest and with tears mixed of shame and rejoice they hugged each other. First thing they did after this was sharing a forgiving speech within their now awakened group… and then laughing together. Since then no one questioned the Law of Sharing and the Blue Blink Star continued shining and twinkling forever.


I looked at the kids, who expected something more but I said, ‘Kids that’s the end.’  I knew Jim and Esha would not say anything, they were too young but Leon was in seventh standard and was a studious kid, I expected some remark from him. He did speak after thinking for a minute and said, ‘Uncle Sheldon we have read in our class that stars twinkle or shine because of refraction caused by small-scale fluctuations in air density….’ Here I interrupted, ‘Leon you are out here in the open for a camp and you can see the sky shining with millions of stars, with millions of stories not known to us and all you can think of is this definition that your science teacher told you to memorize? Didn’t you like the story?’ Leon replied, ‘I liked it… but it is imaginary.’

I was shocked to hear that, what are schools teaching the kids these days, only to learn facts and to discard imagination? I told Leon and little Jim and Esha who looked enchanted by the starry sky (not bothered by my and Leon’s conversation), ‘Listen you three, imagination is as important as studying the facts. Just see my imagination took you to that Blue Blink Star over there.’ Hearing the last sentence, both Emily and Jack suppressed Leon’s another technical question and shouted in chorus, ‘Which one Uncle Sheldon?’ I took my telescope and adjusted it in such an angle that a bright blue star was visible twinkling. Jim and Esha pushed each other to see the Blue Blink Star first. In few seconds Leon joined them too. 

Kites Are Happy By Nature

Flash Fiction
Look, I am flying.
[Source – Pixabay]

Jo loves kite flying and he is flying one right now. His kite is bright red and cheerful. Jo is a very skillful boy and he knows all the tricks needed to fly a kite high.

Dramatizing happily, he tells his friends, ‘Look at my kite…soaring high, up above the sky’. All the boys burst out laughing and Theo animatedly sings ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ while an out-of-tune chorus follows him.

These kids are full of fun at the moment. Life is beautiful for them.

The kite flies high. Wind is also playing with it; taking it high and low, twisting and tickling it.

A kite has a wonderful life. Everyone looks at it with awe when it glides and dances along with the wind and the kid holding the string also feels it. A kite is joyous by nature. It brings smile on the face that looks at it. It has only one purpose in life and that is to fly high in the free sky.

Jo knows nothing but one thing that kite flying on a holiday is his life’s purpose. He didn’t even know how to spell the word purpose correctly, his English dictation test is a non-living proof of this fact, but he knew this feeling very well.

It is something to do with passion and excitement and playing well and concentration. These big words are also a problem for him, especially to remember the spellings. Jo knows the feeling and not the spelling of such words, how silly and smart of him to be so.

Jo shouts, ‘I am flying…see I am flying… o twinkle twinkle little star oye, here I come oye’.

A sound of real, innocent, pure somewhat like the rustling of the leaves, laughter filled that lucky area.

Pleasure is all around here. It is a vanilla cake sweet moment.

Slowly the winds begin to get crazier; Jo understands immediately that now is the time to fight and stay alive. All the kites are ready for the battle. Who is their enemy? Not an outsider, they are against each other. Jo tells his kite, ‘Come on… fight hard… it’s an order!’


Glide and rise!
[Source – Pixabay]

The bright red kite gets tangled up with the black one which is Mat’s kite. ‘It’s a knot!’ said a kid (who exactly spoke, we don’t know, anyway something more important is going on up above in the sky).

It’s the nature of the strings to get tangled, form knots and then break away.

Jo warns Mat and Mat challenges him. The mad winds knew it, Jo and Mat knew it, and the kites knew it- one will be defeated and it’ll fall.

That lucky area is now filled with exclamations, some funny, some ridiculous.

And without any final announcement it happened. Jo feels it, the string is now loose in his hand, and he looks at Mat for a millisecond. All of them stare upwards. His bright red kite is gliding away with the winds.

To his surprise, it is not alone as now the black kite is also gliding away.

Jo and Mat, half-glad, scream excitedly. Walking towards each other; their little gang members encircle them. Whatever the two say, the other boys find it entertaining.

The kites are gone, says their experience in kite flying. Like mirror images of each other, Jo and Mat begin the debate.

Possession is powerful, it can make enemies (but in this case, just for a while).

Let us leave the kids alone, they’ll be alright soon.

Life is very funny and very fickle minded. It jumps from one emotion to the other. But then this is how life is by nature. The interesting thing is that kites don’t copy life, kites always remain in one state and that is the happy state.

So look where the bright red kite is going. Colour is beautiful and this is a truth. One will naturally follow the colourful kite.

Oh! The way it matches with the dance winds do, is heavenly. It seems this kite wants to reach a selected place. It is driving for itself. But the trees are near now, will it get to rest on a tree?

No! It lands safely in a garden. Who lives here? Someone is pruning the plants there. It is Mr. James. The kite fell in Mr. James little garden.

Don’t know what will happen now. Mr. James is very old. See he walks with a limp and can’t see properly. Oh, he picked up the kite. He is checking it. Is he trying to read the kite? Maybe he thinks it is a newspaper or something.

Anyway, he’ll know what he is holding when he wears his reading glasses. Surely there is nothing to read in a kite.

He sits on the lawn chair, but without washing his hands? He is a clean freak and there is some dirt on his hands.

What is he trying to find in this kite? Perhaps he likes the material of the kite. He is rubbing his hands against the kite. And now he smells it. The kite must have been prepared using a high quality paper.


Lost in the world of memories.
[Source – Pixabay]

Mr. James is caught in a reverie. His eyes are looking bigger. Where ever he is, it is a good and happy place. There is a grin on his face. He suddenly looks peaceful.

A bicycle passes outside his gate and rings the cycle-bell. God knows why the bicycle rider did so, surely not to wake-up Mr. James. But see, he breaks out of his daydream. He looks around and gets up. His expression changed, though it isn’t that clear due to the wrinkles. He looks at the sky and then at the kite.

Moving towards the house leisurely, he bends slowly to keep the kite on the top staircase. Then he returns to work in the garden.

Even the flowers and the bushes and the leaves he was pruning could tell that Mr. James is still pondering about something.

After five or so minutes, Mr. James gets up, fixed on the spot, shares with his garden, ‘I know all the tricks to fly a kite high…up above the sky’.

He is now beaming, now humming something, it is not clear. But then it is the nature of the aged people, they have a smiling face, they answer in a mystical style (unclear to others) and they always chew the songs they enjoyed in their life.

Freedom from life

Or finding freedom in life,

What a joyous ride,

Especially if you are a kite.

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