Let Go

Let Go

Fly, fly, fly!
Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay.

Let go please

This is noise

You are holding to

Getting moulded too

Remember you were hit by

A typhoon, in monsoon, oh my

Oh my, you’re carrying the broken

Dream catcher like a token

Of a promise you made to yourself

Forgotten the recipe? Oh well, just melt

The mind and heart together, then clap twice

Look in the mirror, smile, yours is the choice

Colour the dream catcher in deep green

Of your eyes, in the rainbows you have seen

As a child. Voila, it is ready, a new dream

Catcher that’ll carry your old dreams

To its destination, so… let go.

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Let Go

Let go of it all. For once let it go. Your progress, your failures, your ideas, your hopes, your desires, your expectations, your beliefs, your treasures and those measures, consciously forget about it all. Keep yourself and your personality aside, make notions about nothing, pack the mistakes and parcel the troubles… to no one in particular, to no place known… after the mind finishes this task, say a happy goodbye to your mind. Be no one… no one you know, no one you dream of… just be… all this for a few minutes, right before you go off to sleep. Empty your mind and leave the body and sleep.
With time you’ll see how you can detach yourself from the game of opposites. You can be in a place above this and that. So let go, let go of fears and delights alike and know.