Go Mad!

Pip-pi-pipeee… It is time to go mad.
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

It’s time to go mad, I told myself. The world looks best through the eyes of the mad.

Even history tells us so. But it’s not more about the world than it is about myself. I have seen right into the eyes of the mirror and all that is visible is a question mark.

Now I’ll check it when I am upside down, if nothing, I’ll at least enjoy the inverted me.

I’ll fly from now onwards, at least I’ll fall. I’ll follow the bird and visit its nest. I’ll keep a secret diary and make sure that it leaks.

Secrets are good only until they are not kept otherwise they are dull dead details yawned away by the majority.

I’ll rub the window clean with my hands so that the dirt makes my skin shine in black.

I’ll spin round and round and stop; I’ll shout loudly and then add a whisper to it; I’ll befriend the thorns and love the cuts…. Is it too much?

What is too much? Do you know it? Who knows it? No one!

That’s the real fact we forget. So why not find it out, by ourselves. Yes!

If not now than when…waiting for another life to do all that we dream about? That’s a strange fantasy to believe in.

Because you are not given new wings in the next life, you carry on with what you already own.

This almost endless journey needs a mad soul…mad for the goal.

That’s why I will go mad, I need this energy drink to drive me forward. I’ll hear no one, I’ll not act anymore, I’ll just be present. 

I’ll just be present… and also attend Mad Hatter’s tea-party.
Image by Clker from Pixabay

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