Pip’s Umbrella

Pip’s Umbrella and Hope

Literary Nonsense
Pip with his umbrella.
Image from Pixabay.

Lucille: Nice umbrella!    

Mo: It is Pip’s. (BEAT) Have you been drinking a lot of coffee?

Lucille: I have been advised to.  

Mo: That doctor friend of yours is a nut case.

A pause.  

Lucille: I can’t believe it? Are we living in… this is ridiculous?  

Mo: What is?  

Lucille: Haven’t you read today’s newspaper?  

Mo: Ah! I don’t read newspapers anymore.  

Lucille: Why?  

Mo: For peace, darling.  

Lucille: Peace… yeah, right.  

Mo: Wanna piece of it?  

Lucille: Piece of peace? What are you…  

Mo: The carrot cake… what’s wrong with ya Lucille?  

Lucille: O! Yeah, sure. (EATING THE CAKE) Whatever is happening, it hits everyone… directly or indirectly I mean… it hits everyone.  

Mo: Hmm! This place has the best cakes in the world.  

Lucille: I love it here! (BEAT) Is there any hope?  

Mo: Hope? Hmm… there is always some hope… that’s what is dragging us, you know, ya.  

Lucille: Dragging us you say…  

Mo: Of course! I mean come on, where is “hope” leaving for? It’s not in any rush like us, I… I hope. Gosh! (BEAT) I feel a bit eerie today, I don’t know why.  

Lucille: No really? No, it’s lovely today.

The grey weather outside changes into black and the wild dancing winds start to pour heavy rain, the clouds roar loudly declaring that they too have read the sad newspaper. Lightning hits a tree and its huge branch breaks and falls.

Mo: Storm’s here. Is it still lovely for you? Lucille!  

Lucille: What? Hm? Yeah! But listen, where did you park the car?  

Mo: Why? Under the tree. But why?  

Lucille: Now it is literally under the tree, crushed I suppose.  

Mo: What! (GETS UP) O, no!  

Lucille: Wait, try some strong coffee, you’ll feel better and hopeful.  

Mo: Wa… Lucille, you’re crazy!

Mo leaves hurriedly.  

Lucille: Mo! Pip’s umbrella!! (PAUSE) I think I hit a nerve there… but black coffee works wonders… I can’t do without it… especially after reading the newspaper.

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