Kites Are Happy By Nature

Jo loves kite flying and he is flying one right now. His kite is bright red and cheerful. Jo is a very skillful boy and he knows all the tricks to make his kite fly high. He is sharing his confidence with his friends, he says, ‘Check my kite…soaring high, up above the sky’. All the boys started laughing and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in chorus. They are full of fun at the moment. Life is beautiful for them.

The kite is flying high. Wind is also playing with it. Taking it high and low, twisting and tickling it. A kite has a wonderful life. Everyone looks at it with awe when it glides and dances along with the wind and the kid holding the thread enjoys it. A kite is joyous by nature. It brings smile on the face that looks at it. It has only one purpose in life and that is to fly high in the free sky.

Jo knew nothing but one thing that kite flying on a holiday was his life’s purpose. He didn’t even know the spelling of purpose. His English dictation test was a non-living proof of this fact. But shrugging all these facts away, Jo knew very well the feeling called purpose. It was something to do with passion and excitement and playing well and concentration. These big words were also a problem for him to remember, especially the spellings. Jo knew the feeling and not the spelling of such words, how stupidly smart of him to be so.

Jo shouted to his friends, ‘I am flying…see I am flying…twinkle twinkle little star, here I come now that you are not so far’. A sound of real, innocent, pure, somewhat like the rustling of the leaves, laughter filled that lucky area. Pleasure was all around there. It was a vanilla cake sweet moment.

Slowly the winds were getting crazier, Jo knew it immediately that now was the time to fight and stay alive. All the kites were ready for the battle. Who was their enemy? No one strange, they were against each other. Jo told his kite, ‘Come on…fight hard…it’s an order!’ The bright red kite got tangled with the black one, it was Mat’s kite. ‘It’s a knot!’ said a kid (no one looked at the kid, everyone was staring up, so no one knew who pronounced it, anyways something more important was going on up above in the sky). It’s the nature of the threads to get in a tangle and make knots and then break away.

Jo started warning Mat, while Mat rebuked him. The mad winds knew it, Jo and Mat knew it, the kites knew it- one will be defeated and it’ll fall down. That lucky area was now filled with shouts and furious words. And without any final announcement it happened. Jo felt it, his thread was now loose in his hand, and he looked at Mat for a millisecond. All of them stared upwards. His bright red kite was gliding away with the winds. But to his happiness it was not alone as the black kite was also dying away. Jo screamed at Mat and Mat reacted the same way. Both came near and the other boys formed a circle around them. Whatever they were speaking the other boys were enjoying it. The kites were gone, told their experience in kite flying. They were looking the mirror image of each other, yes they were, both Jo and Mat.

Possession is powerful. It can make enemies. But leave the kids alone, they’ll be alright soon. They are kids after all.

Life is very funny and very fickle minded. It jumps from one emotion to the other. But then this is how life is by nature. The interesting thing is that kites don’t copy life, kites always remain in one state and that is the happy state.

So look where the bright red kite is going. Colour is beautiful and this is a truth. One will naturally follow the colourful kite. Oh! The way it matches with the dance winds do, is heavenly. It seems this kite wants to reach a selected place. It is driving for itself. But the trees are near now, will it get to rest on a tree?

No! It lands safely in a garden. Who lives here? Someone is pruning the plants there. It is Mr. James. The kite fell in Mr. James little garden. Don’t know what will happen now. Mr. James is very old. And see he limps and can’t see properly. He picked up the kite. He is checking it. Is he trying to read the kite? Maybe he thinks it to be a newspaper or something. Anyways he’ll know what he is holding when he wears his reading glasses. Surely there is nothing to read in a kite.

He sits on the lawn chair, but he didn’t wash his hands. He likes clean stuff and there is some dirt on his hands. What is he trying to find in this kite? Perhaps he likes the material of the kite. He is rubbing his hands against the kite. And now he smells it. The kite must have been prepared from a high quality paper.

Mr. James is caught in a reverie. His eyes are looking bigger. He is surely lost in some another world. Where ever he is, it is a good and happy place. There is a grin on his face. He suddenly looks peaceful. A bicycle passes outside his gate and rings the cycle-bell. God knows why the bicycle rider did so, surely not for waking Mr. James. But see, he is back from his daydream. He looks around and gets up. His expression has changed but it isn’t clear due to the wrinkles. He looks at the sky and then at the kite. He walks towards the house leisurely and slowly keeps the kite on the top stair. He turns and returns to work in the garden. Even the flowers and the bushes and the leaves he was pruning could tell that Mr. James was still pondering about something. After five or ten minutes, Mr. James got up and stood fixed at the place. He again was looking at the kite. And then he told his garden, ‘I know all the tricks to fly a kite high…up above the sky’.

He is now openly smiling, he is humming something, it is not clear. But then it is the nature of the aged people, they have a smiling face, they answer in mystical style (unclear to others) and they always chew the songs they enjoyed in their life.

Freedom from life
Or finding freedom in life
What a joyous ride

Especially if you are a kite