The Run

[Image by Jagriti Rumi; place – Dhenkanal, Odisha]

The trouble was near

And I could hear

Songs and shouts like

An old leaked mike;

The dance of the dead,

A wobbly white head,

Smiling bones hanging high,

Not at all shy,

Revels without a reason,

‘It is our season!’

They looked at me,

The key lost me,

I turned to run,

Spot running isn’t fun.

Funny dream I left,

Lights on, I slept.

See-ya reader! Ha-aaa haaa haaa!
[Image by Jagriti Rumi; place – Dhenkanal, Odisha]

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The Poem That I See

The stars are shining
It is day time
Water is rising
Listen the wind chime
Everyone is chopping
Yellow lime
Care for shopping
Says a lonely dime
Few hands are praying
No! It’s an act of mime
Magician is painting
I love this hymn
Do you believe in flying?
Why, enjoy the rhyme
Freely o so freely I am living
But they call it a crime
Whoever read this called me crazy
I replied that I love flowers especially daisy
They turned with a sad face and said they were right
I also turned with a beaming face and took a flight