Satellite Constellations

Satellite Constellations.
[Image by Napoleon King from Pixabay.]

Look up Juniper, the sky is full of twinkling satellites. Bright, beaming and ever present, you do not have to chase the shooting star now. Just look up and the reflecting panel will bow down to you happily and fulfil your wish, before you can think of one. (9:15 PM)  

Did you not ask for high speed internet access? I know you did. We owe so much to these satellite constellations, our relationship is based on the true internet connectivity. Oh Juniper, you’re so far away and yet I feel you’re here with me. (9:25 PM)  

I mean the internet service provider, the company – True Internet Connectivity. (9:38 PM)  

Of course, what I said above about our relationship, I meant it symbolically too. (9:40 PM)  

Do reply when you get a chance. (10:40 PM)  

Shared a photo with you, is it not breathless? That is the nearest satellite constellation to my place. (11:47 PM)  

Nothing matches the real night sky. Bye! (2:08 AM)    

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Photo credit – Google