How brilliant it is that we can time travel? The art of storytelling can take us anywhere we want.
Recently, I met Scout and Jem in America; it was the unforgettable 1940s then. While I got to know their daily routine and the way they spent their summer holidays, I realised that it wasn’t much different from the way I and my brother spent ours.
Of course, the fact that we were brought up here in India, our games, and our ways were a bit different but the spirit was the same.
And who cares about the dry, old facts when feelings rule high?
‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is wonderfully written and is a complete circle. The events start and hold your attention throughout.
You reach the end and find that you, along with Scout, have drawn a circle, a perfect one.
Though you wish to read more and know more, after keeping the book down you are left to ponder upon a great number of things just like one feels after a revelation.
Time flies so fast and gives us an impression of change but what changes and what doesn’t remain uncertain.
To me, this novel shares a feeling that things might appear to but they don’t actually change.
In fact, things just shift from one level to the other.
But wait, all of this is more powerful than one can think. We still want to hear what Scout has to say.
Her story remains as engaging as it was for the people back then.
This is what a soulful story does, it continues and flies and sometimes even time travels.
First edition cover. [Source – Wikipedia Commons]

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