Self Immolation

Dorjee’s Smile

Total number*- 99
Young feet on the wet green ground looked like pink flowers common in spring. But still, something was uncommon about the young feet in the slippers.
The mountains, the trees, the stone huts, the flourishing flags, everything in the valley was enchanted by the young feet. Earth was happy to be the closest one.
Dorjee was running happily through the valley in jet speed. He was all alone but was smiling about something or maybe it was his natural look.
We all had this look, like Dorjee, when we were 10 years old. He was about to reach his house when he met one of his friends and he went with him instead. To play, play and play was all that Dorjee thought of.
Total number*- 105
Dorjee loved whatever his mom cooked. He liked his food hot. Often his mom would say, ‘You’ll burn your tongue Dorjee!’ And he always just smiled.
His cheeks were red like cherries. Eyes were watery. The valley lived in him. He lived in the Tibet valley.
Mysticism took home here once and quickly entered its soul, to stay forever.
Total number*- 109
Dorjee will soon become a monk. He knows it. His family has told him. He is happy about it.
Most of his friends will do the same. In fact, he is excited to be a monk. His mom told him once, ‘Dorjee, it is not as simple as you think.’ He replied again with a kind ‘cheese’ and his eyes were not visible.
Why did Dorjee always smile? Why? Maybe he knew what Percy Bysshe Shelley said the ‘Skylark’ knew. A heavenly secret.
His smile attracted the soothing valley towards him, his smile attracted mystical purity towards him, his smile attracted the one we cannot see yet we feel is.
One day Dorjee was bound to leave. For the designer of Paradise missed his favourite smile, his Dorjee.
Total number*- 112
You left us Dorjee. We have adapted to the ‘burning alive’ but we don’t know how to smile anymore.
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The post is written in remembrance of all the lost souls.

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