Amla Pickle

Flash Fiction
Winter is coming… time to make pickles.
[Source – Pinterest]

Winter morning sun, a plate full of amlas* drying on the terrace soaking in the air makes for a delicious amla pickle recipe. Of course the ceramic pickle jar, oil and a mixture of spices add zingy flavours to the story, but this happens much later.

Go ask the winter sun what magic it carries, sprinkling warmth and soothing glow, intoxicating the land and almost everyone you know.

Or ask a farmer who works bare feet for hours and hours, sweating and smiling.

Go sit on the terrace on the pretext of shielding the amlas from those happy big flies. Beware, the air will make you high, for it brings along winter folk tales and songs, colourful kites and children’s laughter.

Winter just appears to be slow and quiet, maybe such is its inner joy and creativity.

The spell will work, all you have to do is sit on the terrace, ask the winter sun and taste the amla pickle.

(*Amla – Indian Gooseberry)

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