They Leave

They Leave

Zack: How you doing, man?
Zen: Fine….

A pause.

Zen: How about you?
Zack: How about me what?
Zen: Oh! I mean what’s up?
Zack: What’s up? You know what’s up, man…I am terrible.
Zen: I know that…was just doing what we are supposed to do when we meet…you know we ask people about how they have been and stuff.
Zack: Oh! Like that…I am doing fine man. Thanks for asking.
Zen: Yeah!


Zen: You know Sigmund Freud?
Zack: Who?
Zen: Deaf!
Zack: Is he?
Zen: Not he, you are.
Zack: Why! I am not Sigmund Freud. You were talking about some guy named Sigmund Freud and now you call me Sigmund Freud.
Zen: Zack shut up!
Zack: Why?

Awkward silence for few seconds.

Zen: This guy Sigmund Freud was a great psychoanalyst. Great one!
Zack: A scientist! Then why were you calling me…I mean when you know who Sigmund Freud is….
Zen: Oh! Cut it out!

They stare at each other.

Zen: He knew a lot about human mind and all…did a lot…changed the world you know.
Zack: Oh! How? What did he invent?
Zen: He was a psychoanalyst…he researched about humans…the way we think…and…you know all that.
Zack: Oh! I thought he invented something…was a scientist after all.
Zen: He analysed minds…how we all think…human psychology…don’t you get it.
Zack: What did he found out?
Zen: Eh! (Hesitates) I don’t know exactly but must be something important…I mean….
Zack: Something important…hmm…it changed the world right?
Zen: Yeah! I think so.
Zack: Aren’t you sure?
Zen: Eh!

Silence. Then the waiter comes with the bill. The waiter leaves.

Zack: Hmm…. Saw the match last night…wasn’t it mind boggling.
Zen: Yes! And no.
Zack: Yes and no?
Zen: I am not sure if the world changed and all…saying no for that.
Zack: Okay!

They get out of the café. They nod at each and leave.