Not Alone

Forever glowing, the light within.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay


You are not alone.
Know this and take the way home,
Not to the concrete walls,
Or to those fairy dolls,
For Time is playing an old game,
New Faustus, but the end will be the same.
The dim light that you see within,
Which is wavy, translucent as linen,
Is there to guide you through it all,
To help you rise when you fall.
Forever glowing and reaching,
The peaceful piece in you.
So remember, you are not alone,
Know this and take the way home.

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Let Go

Let go of it all. For once let it go. Your progress, your failures, your ideas, your hopes, your desires, your expectations, your beliefs, your treasures and those measures, consciously forget about it all. Keep yourself and your personality aside, make notions about nothing, pack the mistakes and parcel the troubles… to no one in particular, to no place known… after the mind finishes this task, say a happy goodbye to your mind. Be no one… no one you know, no one you dream of… just be… all this for a few minutes, right before you go off to sleep. Empty your mind and leave the body and sleep.
With time you’ll see how you can detach yourself from the game of opposites. You can be in a place above this and that. So let go, let go of fears and delights alike and know. 

Forgotten Memory

I live in a forgotten memory state most of the times, walking along the sun and the moon, day and night. Only rarely I stop to relish Time as I understand it, as I feel it and as it is. The permanence once broken, gazing at Time, I am left utterly surprised. Astonished, I either laugh or cry. Occasionally I question it, avoiding the immediate answer.
Everything’s a repeat with a mild treasure of experience here and pieces of happy love there. But what is with the definite tad of magic in each poor-mediocre-rich life? I say this magic is responsible for breaking the humdrum existence. Routine, shallow journey suddenly becomes grandiose, miraculous and whatnot.
Apart from the universe-wide-famous constant change, there is another true power – to forget or not to forget. And I choose not to forget, but I’ll need to remind myself to remember it. Meanwhile, I have the sun and the moon and I am walking along, day and night.
Down To The Cove In Moonlight by Phil Whiting

A Stream

First there came a yellow flower, flowing like silk on a surface. The stream turned into silk. It told me a short story about the silk thread that draped the yellow flower. They swayed together with the wind. Then someone came and took the silk thread and threw the yellow flower in the stream. ‘A happy ending’, were the last words of the yellow flower.
Then a green leaf floated by and said, ‘I always thought where the stream goes… I’ll get to know it now.’ It danced away with the flowing water.
The stones quietly listened to the stream and stayed there for a long time. Now each stone, of every shape and size, carries a story with it. If heard sincerely, the stones narrate the stories beautifully.
A paper boat rushed quickly and embraced the whirlpool. It then lowered the anchor forever.
The stream is musical; I have been sitting here for a long time now and enjoying the melodies. I dipped my feet in the cool, clear water. Then, suddenly, the stream started talking about the flow of time. I got up immediately.
I am walking along the stream. Twists and turns welcome me here and there, but we are walking.

Sky Blue Sky

Image by David Mark from Pixabay


Sky blue sky

Asks me why

There is no time

To live the time

Which is mine?  


Sky blue sky

Tells me why

Smiles are better,

Far more better

Than promises on a letter  


Sky blue sky

Shows me why

The painter paints

Alive, very happy and

In love, he paints  


Sky blue sky

Knows why

Two eyes

Look at the sky-

To take the blue spirit inside.  


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You Think You Have Time?

It is time to know yourself.
Image from Pixabay.

“The trouble is, you think you have time”- a straightforwardly true quote.

But listen don’t worry… just take a deep breath. And allow your mind to be empty.

It is true that time is running but that doesn’t mean you have to run with it.

Instead, you should stop and discover your inner self.

Knowing who you actually are is a big question for which you should hurry; being aware of every breath that you take is important, and for this you should be quick.

Time is fleeting and there is a whole universe to explore within and without.

Our soul is something we don’t consciously think much about and rarely do anything special for it, for it to flourish.

So there is no time to waste in any trivial issue when inner peace is all you need.

The solution to this trouble is to be extremely quick in settling your mind without spending the time elsewhere.

A settled mind can make you sit calmly, a calm posture can make you concentrate, you can meditate and what comes next is even better… a mind that meditates can stop Time.

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The World of Candyfloss

Flying by the curled lamp post in the candyfloss world.
Image from Pixabay.

Yes, it was the world of candyfloss. Pink softness everywhere. The sky was pink and you could touch and have a piece of it.

The cottony air filled your mind, making you smile. The pink trees and the pink flowers and everything else was so sweet that one had to smile.

In pleasure, I lurched and took myself in some direction. The path was quite visible because it wasn’t pink. Yes, the path wasn’t made of candyfloss.

So I walked and walked for some more time. I couldn’t think of anything, maybe it was the sweet air. Then I saw a beautiful lamp post, it was long and curled at the top, like a curled flower.

But the lamp post was also not made of candyfloss. Don’t know why. The path curved in left and then right direction. I would have kept walking but then I reached a circle and felt tired.

Luckily, there was a bench nearby and I decided to rest. The bench was cold and solid and oh it too wasn’t pink and candy-flossy. I found it strange.

In a few minutes, I lied down on the bench. The pink sky was full of fluffy pink clouds. It was so pretty. I took a bite first and then ate leisurely, playing with the sugary cloud.

A long time passed and then weird things occurred.

The clouds turned black and made angry sounds and it started to rain. In zero time I was soaked from top to bottom. And then it happened.

I simply rubbed my eyes and blinked and what I saw then was not the world of candyfloss. The pink, light, cotton world had just gone. I don’t know where!

A bicycle rudely passed me at that moment. Yeah, someone was riding it. I decided to hitch-hike and so I did.

All my way to someplace I kept thinking about the world of candyfloss. I still do, especially when I eat candyfloss. And also when I lie down, not to sleep but just like that.

Candyfloss clouds in this world
Image from Pixabay.

The world of candyfloss!

In this world I think three things are just like the world of candyfloss, one candyfloss, second clouds and the third is Time. I mean literally. Yes!  

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Big Words Are Going

Time is a big word
And a big cheater
It swears to stay
But never stops to say
Even a goodbye
Love is a big word
And a big cheater
Love is what is beautiful
Though not without pain
At its best when slain
Life is a big word
And a big cheater
Full of opposites
Charming by nature
It tricks a keen creature
Death is a big word
And a big cheater
Feared by the greatest
A truth that stands tall
Accepted in the end by all

The big words are going somewhere
With a small word ‘smile’ I stare

A Memory in My Pocket

I found a memory folded in a paper. I read it and it hit me.
The memory was not meant to meet me. It was draped with words that were very loud. Terse and cold.
It said ‘I am leaving you…forever’ with the initials Rosie.K.
I wondered how the person for whom this memory was meant to be dealt with it.
Naively, I searched around for Rosie.K, but the wind made my eyes wet instead.
I read and re-read the memory as if it would reveal some more of it through magical words.
Why do memories always make us halt, lying to us that we can play with time, even reverse it?
I folded the memory again and kept it in my jacket’s pocket.
It tickles me whenever it feels like making me unfold it.
A Memory In My Pocket
Image by TanteTati from Pixabay

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Roger: I love this coffee house. It’s the same as old days.

Perry: Yeah! But the coffee is different.

Roger: Things change Perry.

Perry: Yeah! Back then it was better. It was real coffee.

Both the friends didn’t say a word for other four or five minutes. They were dreaming about the past.

Roger: Do you remember Carl? The old waiter who worked here? We owe him a lot.

Perry: Oh yeah! ‘Mr Beetle’ we use to call him. (Reflective) I wonder if it was his Beetle. He was a tolerant man I must say. I bet I owe him more than anyone from our group. Poor Carl!

Presently they were in his shoes. They were old.

Roger: What about Andy? I thought he was coming too…this get-together. He loves such ideas.

Perry: Yeah! His doctor didn’t allow him to take a journey after the transplant. He thought he would sneak out but his wife…you know.

They shared a laugh and then again went silent. Suddenly there was a lot of noise and a group of boys entered the coffee house. They were cheering about their victory in a local football game. They shook hands with the coffee house owner, giving him details about their match. Such was the beauty of this small town. Everyone shared happiness and love. One of the young boys came and shook hands with both Roger and Perry, and told them, ‘we won 3-0!’

Both of them were simultaneously arrested in what was now their history. They couldn’t help but think about the days when their life also was all about playing football.

Perry: Ah! Yeah! We know the feeling too!

Roger: The feeling! (Sigh)

Perry: We have played some good football Roger. Do you remember our 5-0 victory?

Roger: Come on Perry, the rival team played like a bunch of idiots.

Perry: Ha ha! Yeah! But you can’t take the credit away from us. We played well.

Roger: Sure! Sure! (More like a whisper) I can’t take anything away. It’s Time that takes away all.

Perry: Yeah!

They turned to notice the group of boys. They couldn’t resist smiling.