Know Time?

I never knew time moves
Then I saw it slip
I never knew time walks
But I saw it run
I never knew time loves future
Oops! I saw it kiss tomorrow
I never knew time is invisible
As I saw it in wrinkles
I never knew time is a quiet winner
Soon I saw it with the trophy
I never knew time and its friend
Strangely I saw it in my watch
I never knew time is kind
Again I saw it fall as a blessing
I never knew time is mighty
Only when I saw it with the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park
I never ever knew time
Jumping, crying, laughing, assuming
Truth is, I always knew time
I just never felt it
Until now

The Coffee Table Talk

Coffee table talk time.
Image from Pixabay.

Time for a coffee break

How much sugar do you take?  

Life is an unwrapped toffee

Sure! Sure! Hold your coffee  

What a lovely cold day

Life is a strong bright ray  

Oh! Please drink it when it is hot

Then go to the market and buy a new pot  

Life is shallow if you can’t see deep

I care less because I don’t want to weep  

Now, if you are done give me your cup

Life is life if seen downside up.

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We walked together
The path was thorny, but we were together
Flowers all around and we were together
Cold wind was blowing when we were together
Moon was shying as we were together
Clouds hid the stars when we were together

Time stopped when I saw myself alone
Tears rushed and I started to moan
My world! My world! Its all gone
Time slipped, took a turn and said in a sweet tone
It’s in you silly, don’t stop, move on