True And Timed

Ik Onkar

Look within and fly high!
Image from Pixabay.

Parvez it is familiar because it is music… and music cannot be forgotten once the wavelength matches.

Parvez it is shining because it is guiding… we all can follow, dawn to dusk, it is listening, it is reminding.

Parvez it is present because it is true and ‘timed’ for you… beyond measurements, answers and queues.

Parvez it is travelling, because it understands the journey is never-ending… shimmering throughout, glorifying silence.

Parvez it is dancing because it believes in union… one circle, two circles, circles resolve it all.

Parvez it is there, because you garnered patience.

Parvez it is talking, because you are listening.

Parvez it is knowable, though you still don’t know it.

Parvez, look within.

Ik Onkar Sat Naam


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