Haiku Station

by Jagriti Rumi


A growing collection of haikus (a Japanese form of short poetry) –



Brick red, time check – I

Spent, lived, passed it all as told

By all in a rush.

The moon is close enough

Dear old house, quick, get a ladder!

I can’t, am home alone.

When choosing my flower’s colour

Blindly I pick all – the sun decides

Which one suits me more.

Clouds in the evening sky

Tell the old mountains a secret ‘secret

Lights on, we turn deaf.

A deafening drama at play –

Fixed on the spot, I finally clicked,

Soaking in some of it.

Keep walking! Walking? Together! Together?

For a bright future – said the leader,

Sitting comfortably on the throne.

Arched perfectly in peaceful white

Talking rarely via windows and hanging lights

With those who look up.

Tiny red dot dancing slowly

To us it appears like a walking

Prophet – Ladybird, pass or fail?

A flower knows not much

Or knows too much – ‘cause just see

How it blooms, dies, blooms.

Keep coming back here to water this collection, you can find its link on the main page as well. Merci!


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