The window was closed and I stood staring, the reflection looked better, I thought.  

I took a step forward and could still see myself, but also the wind blowing outside. The flying leaves passed right through me and the golden rain tree caressed me gently.  

The wonderful golden rain tree.
Image by Suanpa from Pixabay

Few more steps towards the window and I got closer to myself. The reflection was quiet… unlike the weather outside. I could even hear the wind, the music it played was resonant.  

I forgot the reflection and saw through it as I stood by the window. The live drama outside and the rhythms playing caught me and I hummed along. I smiled.  

Just then like a flash I again noticed my reflection on the window, it was also smiling this time. Immediately I changed my focus and tuned to watching the wind’s performance, smiling the whole while.  

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Mr. Bombay Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi

Volume 1, Issue 4
G. V. P waiting for homemade Modaks…
Right Mr. Bombay? Oh, you’re eating one,

but who gave you… share with me dude.

[Here ‘Moreya’ is used as meaning ‘mine’, for the exact meaning of these lines (excluding the last one), please follow the link –]

Warrior By Heart

She has fallen down, she feels weak for sure. I can see her stunned eyes, I can hear her trembling breath. A gush of wind passes by, and she feels nothing. It just makes her vision blurry. Nothing is audible to her, neither the cries nor the roars. Her mind is like a blank slate, but right then she hears a sound… her heart is beating. And this is enough for the warrior to rise.
She is a warrior by heart.

Photo courtesy – Google

Calm Day

Shiro Kasamatsu’s Woodblock Print

Today is a calm day, I believe and thus, it is a calm day. Sunlight is pleasant and my cows are happy. What is making me smile is the greenery. I’ll climb this mountain one day, as for now I am glad to just witness it. Are the clouds coming? I can’t see it, can you? Pshaw! What is not in the present is not present and the past is past. And my ukulele is my ukulele, which now I’ll play.

“Sakura, Sakura, let me tell you
Sakura, Sakura, I love you
Sakura dear, the rumours are true
Sakura I died waiting for you
Medical practitioner knows and now you know too…  


“Only a few arrive at nothing, because the way is long.” – Antonio Porchia


A long journey!
[Source – Pixabay]

To keep walking is hard. Repeatedly dying on the way is a normal occurrence, but no less significant.

What breaks the heart often is not the crude world or a passer-by, but the heart itself. It allows itself to be crushed.

And as funny as it may sound, the truth doesn’t change that the heart also heals itself.  

Let us keep aside the magical part for it blindfolds the ones with sightless minds and talks about reason and logic.

Oh! But that is already done – heart breaks itself and heals itself… very straightforward indeed. Brain, heart, brain, heart… and this is the journey.  

Carrying on kills, but so does not-carrying on; carrying on also gives you a chance to live and to experience the universe. It is a long, long, long journey and then you reach nothing.  

At nothing, you become everything.

Read about Antonio Porchia, the Argentinian poet here.

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A weekly dose of stories! Get the posts from the Chiming Stories in your inbox and read it when you can. Subscribe now, it is free!

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The Vulture King

With sand slipping away under his feet, King Suriya observed the desert ocean in front of him. There was no question of giving up. Determined to win, the King moved towards the next slithering dune, right then he saw, or he thought he saw, a shadow. He looked all around, but could only see the golden brown sand soaking the sunlight happily. The King looked up, the blue sky turning bright white almost blinded his vision. King Suriya thought, ‘illusion’, and resumed his journey.

The Vulture King followed him.

The Vulture King

They will meet, King Suriya and the Vulture King, and set out on a fabulous journey. Read the novella ‘The Vulture King’ by Aditya Thakur, an indie author from India. It is enriching. 

(For more information check Aditya Thakur’s website –

I Am With Miss S. Bhattacharya

A cotton wrap dress, flat sandals, a jhola bag, drop earrings and a messy bun, Miss Bhattacharya looks ready. She is beautiful. Oh, she doesn’t like the bun, okay. Open hair looks fine, more than fine I mean.

She cannot hide a smile, still she tries and smiles more. Just look at her, she is trying right now. Her crazy talkative mind is talking. No, not talking, but singing, yes, she is clicking her fingers… now she waves her hand rhythmically in air.

Miss Bhattacharya is walking, she is humming, the wind plays with her hair, and she lets it. She is a sweetheart! And she shouts at the auto rickshaw driver. What? Well, yeah, the driver nearly splashed her. It’s a crowded street for all.

But our Miss Bhattacharya lives in the present, she has crossed the road and is humming again. She loves to wear her smile, even in difficult situations, even at the crossroads. You know where she has reached now? At a crossroad, will she turn left or right, maybe she will go straight.

Miss Bhattacharya is a woman of decision. And so, oh, she is turning back, she is running now, running back. Time check! Yeah, she is late, oh no. She must have forgotten something, some silly little thing, no worries. We all forget.

“Oh, how can I forget switching off the stove, the iron, the fans and the lights… stupid, stupid… yikes, I think I forgot to lock the door, arrh”, said S. Bhattacharya.

Ha! Alright, this is all normal. These things happen with everyone. Only yesterday, I forgot something… can’t even remember what it was. Shut up! The point is, Miss Bhattacharya rules, she rules her simple, crazy, funny life. (I used crazy twice… why?)

Who am I? The narrator, of course. My distinct voice makes it so obvious. Oh, you can’t hear me, my bad.

Where did Miss Bhattacharya go? I am the narrator, you cannot leave me. Wait for me Miss Bhattacharya, you’re the protagonist!

Miss S. Bhattacharya dressed as a warrior or a queen, I guess.
She likes to dress up, okay. It is an old photo.

You think the King Remembered What He Was Supposed to Remember?

I am the greatest of all great kings. I rule the land and the sea. Bow to me!

You’ll be dust one day, and completely forgotten.

My sons will carry my family name. We are the royals. Cheers to me!

Your sons will be dust too, and never talked about, ever.

My public worships me. I shine in gold and silver, I am the one they write about. Sing to me!

Once dust, you’ll become a name in a chronological list of the dead kings.

I am a just king, blessed by the almighty.

You think you’re immortal?

No. I know I’ll die one day.

Like all the others.

Like all the others…

Just remember this.

(In reference to no particular king and each and every king.)

Roger II of Sicily receiving the crown
from Christ, Martorana, Palermo.

MUSIC In A Silent Way


The room was dimly lit, the colours were all crayon textured and old… they all easily submerged in it. More footsteps could be heard and voices… voices were telling each other tales only known as a secret before by some selected few. Voices were joking, but just for a while. Soon they were talking MUSIC.

Soprano saxophone and electric guitars

Rhythms were played verbally and details were given through gestures. People gathered around knew it was time… time to create. Like a charm, everyone flowed, everyone flowed and synced to reach the MUSIC.

Organ, double bass and drums

Time stopped to bask in the musical waves… the musical waves were powerful enough to capture time. It danced, yes, it did. The room stayed dimly-lit, crayon shades also didn’t change… the room and the colours were in awe like little children looking through a wire fence… even the floor swayed… in a silent way, everyone did.

Trumpet, soprano saxophone, electric guitars, organ, double bass and drums later reminded Time to begin.

(This post is dedicated to the studio album In A Silent Wayby Miles Davis – )