Winsor Blue

Winsor blue coloured painting stayed back in her mind for a reason unknown. The soft flowers, every petal breathed of composure and hummed it in her ears. She understood nothing, albeit she sensed the tone seamlessly. Standing in front of the painting, tilted head, she absorbed it… blink after blink, stare after stare… slowly letting it seep within.

Measure her smile to know the reason or smile along.

The Trip to Jerusalem pub, Nottingham by John Wright

Cid Corman’s Blue Aerogrammes


Blue mail-call.
[Source – Pixabay]

In a thin air-light piece of blue paper words were written, no space wasted, legibly shinning, beautifully written. It was for everyone, Cid Corman called it direct poetry.

A Selection –

If these words

don’t remember you—

forget them.

The leaf at last gets

the drift of wind and so

settles for the ground.

I wear the mask of

myself and very nearly

get away with it.

There is no end and

never was a beginning – so

here we are – amidst.

Rain-drops. Each

makes a point

of silence.

You are here – just as

I had imagined –

imagining me.

Nothing ends with you —

every leaf on the ground

remembers the root.

We wear out

but the sky

looks as new

as ever.


She keeps coming home

to me – of all things – and I

remain home for her.

Has it ever

occurred to you

you’re what is oc-

curring to you?

Dear aerogrammes fly!
[Source – goodreads]

Cid Corman wrote for and ran the magazine Origin. He followed a lovely rule, he replied to each and every letter that the magazine received within 24 hours, if he couldn’t, he didn’t do it at all.

Lucky must be the ones who got his answer, that too in the form of direct poetry. The book, Famous Blue Aerogrammes, is about these replies.

I have just read a few of these, still I can say that it continues to create magic… blue feathery magic that makes you smile.

Read more about Cid Corman here.

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Lost In La La La

Flash Fiction
Pink and blue butterfly.
[Source – Pixabay]


La la la

I am dancing

La la la

I am laughing

La la la

Sky is clear

La la la

Life is near

La la la

Brightness in me

La la la

Lightness in me

La la la

All I see

La la la

Is the glee

La la la

I am Miss

La la la

I know bliss

La la la

Bright day, said light blue shade.
[Source – Pixabay]

Tiara was singing this weird song. She was hopping in the garden. The flowers were looking at her and so were a white rabbit and a caterpillar.

Lost in the present, Tiara was happy. There was no particular reason behind it. Everything looked beautiful, pure.

A blue bird was sitting on a tree near the garden. She had a message for Tiara. It was full of lustre. The blue bird thought it was time to deliver the message.

Tiara, who was without a clue about it, was blushing with joy.

Joy that brings a big smile on your face, that makes you peaceful, that stops your mind from thinking and time from running.

The blue bird landed on the lawn and Tiara took notice of her. Their eyes met. Tiara immediately knew what she was meant to know.

The lustre will stay with her like a fragrance; all she needs is to remember. 

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A weekly dose of stories! Get the posts from the Chiming Stories in your inbox and read it when you can. Subscribe now, it is free!

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