Maha Shivaratri

The music – fibrous, raw and riveting – seeps in all the four directions touching the sky and the earth alike devouring every happy heart and announcing the arrival of all the gods.

They are here to celebrate the Great Night of Lord Shiva and show reverence to the supreme one.  

The deities in exuberance dance and sing and chant and revel. Fully aware, their rhythmic movements slows the time and the thundering clouds rains to shower it and rains beautifully… refreshed, the cycle of time resumes as if it had never slowed down.

So simply this revival occurs, revival of the five elements, the minds, the hearts and the souls, the revival of the gods and of the fleeting time, all in the presence of Lord Shiva.

Enchanting folk music is played on this occasion.
[Source – hpmandi.nic.in]
Deities wait to meet the Lord.
[Source – Wikimedia Commons]

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