You Stardust!

Fictive POV
Tarantula Nebula.
Image – Pixabay.

Step out you stardust, the door is wide open!    

Why? Aren’t you ready? That table is your trunk, you packed it long back, ask the thick grime your feet are resting on.

Lurking on the wall is a spider, is he your friend or not, don’t bother I tell you, he is on his own journey.

For now, the lamp is cold and dead, for now, the darkness is not a thing unfamiliar, for now, you have mourned too long, so just get up.

Don’t you see the ants working? You sulk and cough and spit and drink thinking life will just pass, but it will not, not so easily.

Get up, step out, it has been so long since you heard the sound of your own footsteps… deep resonance… connect once again to the earth.

Shout or cry, dare or try and always happily fall… fall down for then you’ll learn to wake up… getup-getup.

You turn away from the light, no-no it is not laughing at you, walk with it a mile, you’ll smile and shine too.

The hands you’re resting, the head you’re swaying, the air you’re breathing knows better than you.

Don’t worry for smoothly it will all come back to you, the sun rises and sets, the moon shines and hides, the wind plays and takes, the river nurtures and leaves, the sky stays yours forever – see up, get up.

Witness, for the truth is waiting. Witness, for the Time is calling. Witness, for your life is yours to rule.

Aye! Aye! It is hard, bone-screeching, don’t listen to the stubborn emptiness, all it does is preaching.

See, you’re up, take a step forward, one at a time. Push away the hindrances, let the mirror fall and break into umpteenth pieces, for you’re about to change into an image that the mirror cannot behold.

Aye! Rub your eyes for now you’ll see the world beyond. Keep walking!  

Step out you stardust, the door is wide open!    

Wizard Nebula. Image – Pixabay.

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